Bachelor Suite

This suite provides high end amenities at an affordable rate while travelling Canada’s Arctic.

The suite can accommodate up to 2 persons, equipped with high tech comforts such as high speed internet access, USB ports, smart TV and dressers and / or armoire (wardrobe).


Price Per Night


Free WiFi & TV

Free Wi-Fi internet access, cable on 4K TV screens


Full fridge, stove, microwave, Keurig, (coffee/tea kits), cook wear and all utensils & dishes.

Access to Fitness Center

Optional gym pass access at the Midnight Sun Complex, complete with 24/7 card access. Note that a deposit is required for card. 

Private Bathrooms

Private bath & showers, toiletries, tissue boxes and black out curtains.

Laundry Access

Either shared or in-suite laundry, depending on unit size. 

Secure Entry

You will receive a secure pass code for entry. 

Book Now

Please call  613-979-7471 or email to book a Bachelor Suite.

Please note that your reservation will not be guaranteed until you receive an email from us confirming we have received all of the above information.

CANCELLATION will require a 24 hours notice.