Not every room is a pet-friendly room. There are no pets allowed in our one or two bedroom suites, only Bachelor Suites.

  • If unreported pets are detected in a non-pet friendly room, a cleaning fee is levied.
  • 1 pet per room.
  • Pets must be under 45 LBS. Pets must be house trained. Pets must always be with owners and cannot be left unattended in rooms. They must always be leashed or transported in a carrier in public areas of the hotel.

Should it be determined that excessive disturbance or damages have taken place, the Hotel reserves the right to a pet cleaning fee up to $250.00. The Guest also acknowledges and agrees that the Cleaning Fee amount will not limit the right of the Hotel to exercise or pursue any remedy available in law or in equity for breach of this agreement, including, but not limited to, damages on appliances or finishes, furniture, or any other costs or losses resulting from the negligence of the Guest and their Pets.


$250 / Once / Per Accommodation